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Psychological Evaluations for Immigration Cases

Individual Treatment 

  • Depression and Anxiety Treatment

  • DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy)

  • Trauma Focused CBT

  • BIPOC Issues related to race, family of origin issues and trauma

Family Counseling

  • Family Conflict Resolution

  • Younger Children and Parenting Support

Payment is required at time of service. I currently do not accept insurance. I am able to offer a Superbill for reimbursement, but please check with your insurance first. 


I do offer some sliding fee spots for those experiencing hardship. Please let me know if you are in need of a sliding fee. 











Consent for Exchanging Information


Psych Evaluation FAQ

Thank you for inquiring about psychological evaluations for your immigration case. Below is some information for you on fees, process, documents that I will need, and commonly asked questions.



A) Each interview usually last between 1-2 hours and on occasion 3 hours. The interview at this

time is being conducted via video and not in person. You will need access to a video via phone or computer, and an email to receive the link and log in instructions.

B) I will only interview the person who is applying for the visa, unless it is a hardship waiver, in that case I will interview only the US citizen or legal permanent resident.

C) Before your interview I will need the following:

1) Documents I will send you that include: Release of Information (permission to speak with your legal team); Fee contract (you agree to the fees); Consent (to be interviewed); questionnaires about depression, anxiety, and PTSD; and a General Screening form for your contact information.
2) Your declaration if you have one.
3) Any other reports that I may need, i.e., police reports, medical reports, mental health reports.
4) Fee in FULL, unless otherwise noted.

D) Once all documents have been received, as well as payment, I will reach out to you with a confirmation, reminder, and instructions of how to long on to video chat.

E) Once we finish the interview, I will write up the report, send it to your legal team for review; and pending no major changes or discrepancies, I will finalize it and send it off.

F) If for any chance I need to re-interview you, I or your legal team will contact you and appropriate fees may be charged.

G) The report will usually take 1-3 weeks for the full write-up, pending no emergencies, additional interviews, or unforeseeable events.


How do I prepare for my interview?

A) The best way to prepare for your interview with me is to sit with yourself and go over your declaration and try to relax as much as possible. The interview consists of retelling of your childhood, life, journey into the United States, reason for leaving your country, trauma(s) that you may have experienced, and hope for the future.

B) The best thing to remember is that I am here to write your story and the best way that I can is by giving me as much information as you possibly can, as well as being open and honest of how difficult things have been.


What happens if I forget to tell you something or lied?

A) First, people forget things often, and most of the time it is related to trauma and undiagnosed mental health disorders such as PTSD or depression. The best thing to do is notify me or your legal team immediately.

B) If you intentionally lie during or we come to know after your interview, you will forfeit your entire fee, and you will need to seek a different evaluator as I will not be able to attest to your honest.


What are the fees?

A) Fees are based on the type of report I will be writing. These fees are set up in a way that honor my time and effort in the process.

a. Asylum: $1100
b. UVisa/VAWA: $1000
c. Hardship: $800
d. Other: Case by Case basis
e. Testimony is charged at: $150 an hour.
f. Letters are charged at: $150 an hour.
g. Consultations are charged at: $150 an hour.

What if I need a quick turnaround?


A) Any quick turnaround will incur an additional fee.

a. Less than a week: $200
b. 48-72 hours: $300


Do you offer sliding fee or pro-bono?

A) Yes. These are on a case-by-case basis and availability.


What if I am triggered (upset) after the interview?

A) This is unfortunately common for most individuals. Retelling hurtful or harmful events from the past is not easy. I will give you resources after for you to reach out if you wish to. I would also encourage you to have someone to talk to, i.e., family or friend after your interview.


What if there is no diagnosis?

A) If it turns out that there is not sufficient information to give a diagnosis (it does happen), then I will contact your legal team and see what they would like to do.

B) If they decide not to pursue the written evaluation, you will be refunded the amount minus the interview. For example, if the interview took two hours and the fee was $600, I will deduct the interview (billed at $150 an hour) and refund you the rest. So, you would be receiving $300 back.


Will I get a copy of the report?

A) You are more than able to request a final copy from your legal team.

What if I need to use an interpreter?


A) You are solely responsible for providing your own interpreter. Their information will need to be sent to me before your appointment. Please try to not have family members interpreter for you.

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